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Controller constantly thinking it is either connected or charging

Arcana Maxima

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Hello to all,

So I have had my HTC VIVE for the last couple of years and this problem has been happening for the few month or so. For some reason, one of my Vive controllers keeps thinking it is connected to the headset even if the power is off. It is getting annoying because I need to constantly have it on battery, and whenever I press the menu button it thinks that I have asked it to reconnect and goes through the procedure for it. I do not know how to fix this problem even though I have looked at multiple guides to restart the controller, which don't work as well. Right now it's sitting on my bed thinking I am still playing VR games when I am not. 

I do not know how to fix this problem, and I am not going to buy another Vive set just to get a controller. Has anyone has a problem with this as well and know how to fix it? I can't play VR with it always happening.

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