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HMD LED and screen turns off a few seconds after start


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The following problem has developed in my Vive Pro w/ Wireless:

1. Start SteamVR

2. Connect battery pack, wireless connects

3. HMD red LED, then dim/bright green LED. Screen turns on

4. A few seconds later, HMD turns off, LED is off, the wireless program reports no headset connected 

Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable to the battery pack restarts the adapter and headset. Sometimes the above steps occur, sometimes step #4 doesn't happen for many minutes, or 30 minutes, or for the entire gaming session.

Tried rebooting.

It happened once when I touched the USB cable to the battery pack, but this may be coincidental.

I tried a different battery pack and it happened.

I reseated the cable going from the wireless adapter to the HMD, at both ends.

Each time it happens the wireless adapter will stay on, even though both the adapter and HMD are powered.

When it happens the HMD and cables aren't being wiggled.

I'm not sure if it's caused by disconnecting/reconnecting, but now sometimes when a game renders a black screen, I'll see a scintilating red ribbon of pixels, repeating in a pattern, maybe 100 pixels long and repeated vertically about 100 pixels apart. It moves with the headset, as if it's a corrupted texture. The red pixels also blink on and off. The visual corruption reminds me of when a DisplayPort cable is loose. I have a cable I can try for wired mode, but not a spare one for the wireless adapter. The corruption only seems to appear when a game is loading and I temporarily see part of a black screen, usually with a cone of the original content in the center and the corruption on the periphery, until I turn to look at it.

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