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Vive play space keeps flipping upside down


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Hey all, I've been coming across a strange issue as of late and it's honestly been rather infuriating. 

So to begin with my setup has me having one base station roof mounted and the other wall amounted because there is no other way for me to have it setup in the room it's in due to power wires running inside walls and no other walls for it to attach too. 

Now it's been that way since December last year and it was working fine. 
I got full body tracking around late January early February and everything was fine. 

Out of no where I started to get red lines in my screens every few minutes and if I touched the 3 in 1 cable it would disconnect. I though yeah okay fair enough the cable needs replacing. 
I bought a new cable. Mind you I haven't even owned my Vive for a year yet.


Now during the time my damaged cable was doing that I started to get this odd bug where my screen would flip me upside down. Not completely but at a angle to where If I looked up I'd see the floor and if I looked down I'd see the roof.

This now happens with and without full body and I've tried everything I can think of right now. 
Unplugging the link box, waiting a while then plugging it in., uninstalling and deleting steamvr from my PC then reinstalling it and even with the new 3 in 1 cable it still hasn't fixed it.


It does it in steamvr itself and in VRChat .


I'm totally stumped as to what the problem is so if anyone has had this experience before and knows how to fix it this would be greatly appreciated.


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