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plugging in more than 1 VR to high-end GPU

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I have several GPUs high end including GTX1080 or VEGA 56, they have multiple ports usually 3DP + 1 HDMI.

I currently plug in 1 HTC VIVE to its HDMI for solo play. But can two players (or even more) or one player + one spectator (not even sure if it is possible?) use single GPU?

Has anyone even tried that?


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try it yourself?? if you have so many (thanks for destroying the gpu market)... obvious bitcoiner...  and obviously you don't own multiple.


[Hard answer yes, with technical applications and difficulty to many to list]  any way a blue aggressive answer from me to be more direct as you are again a liar.. yes you can, but you'd need to run a VM to run multiple steam accounts e.t.c and multiple graphics cards.


[Easy answer]

Nope... as 97% of the time, as it'll be just the same as having a multi monitor setup, and screens showing the same thing.

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