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AR and VR external tracking face-plates


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Hi Vive employees.

Is there any update on the availability and specs for the AR face-plate for the Cosmos?

Also will it work with the Cosmos with optical tracking or only the Cosmos Elite or both?

Finally here is some feed back on the Vive.com Website information for VR headsets that you may or may not want to pass on.

I see the "External tracking face-plate" is available now (in Australia) for the Cosmos series ($399 ouch! Just say'in) on this website but it doesn't have any base stations or controllers (other than the optical controllers) available for it under that section. It just says: 

Get Half-Life: Alyx with purchase.
Precision dominates.

(I already have the game so now I just want the precision if you know what i mean 😉)

I also see two different types of controllers and base stations available for different products, the Pro and Vive series below it which is confusing to the consumer and indeed I have read on these forums of at least one person buying the wrong combination controllers and base stations because of it.

It's not that I don't know which to buy (I do read these forums) but I want my consumer rights to be protected by complying with the recommendations from the seller on their website (not just a reference to a chat on a forum because HTC\Vive support have said previously they don't recognize any recommendation made on this forum as it is "unofficial" as far as they are concerned) just in case there are any faults, disputes or mistakes after the purchase. 

I hope you find this topic informative and constructive and look forward to you answer re the AR face-plate 🙂




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