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Vive Pro Wireless, Front Facing Camera Freeze/Crash


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Using Steamvr version 1.12.5 beta as well as tried the current version 1.11. While using the VIVE pro wireless  as soon as it loses tracking for a bit from the wireless camera everything resets fine except for the front facing cameras which stop. When doing a test it still shows "Camera Test Passed" but the images are frozen. As well as all camera functionality stops working (room view, hand tracking, etc). Restarting steamVR fixes this issue completely but I am developing for unity and need to have it so users can take off and hand it to other users (which causes accidental tracking loss sometimes) and they don't have to restart the system every time. Is there a way to restart the front facing cameras via script?

This was tested on multiple vive wireless headsets as well as different computers.

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