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SteamVR not changing any settings after restarting VIVE


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Hi, recently got a Vive and im at my wits end here trying to troubleshoot steamvr, everything on the headsets end works fine. I go to open steamvr and it tells me, "Headset Notice SteamVR has detected your headset running as a monitor. For best results, please switch to direct display mode." if I click to enable direct display mode, it will restart steamVR and give me the exact same prompt. Additionally, when i go to start a game(VRchat) steamvr will tell me im not in fullscreen mode and my headset will display only red. This issue also has the same problem where clicking enable does literally nothing. I have tried different HDMIs, disabling the Vive as a monitor on my desktop, giving full permissions to Steam/SteamVR, running Steam and SteamVR as an administrator, restarting my computer unplugging vive and plugging back in, reinstalling GPU drivers, reinstalling steamVR. I honestly do not know what else to do i would really appreciate any direction.

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