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Vive costumer service


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I bought my vive on Black Friday for my little brother and gave it to him on Christmas. It broke on January third with a 301 and 307 error code. As it turns out there is no process for returning defective products, and no customer support line. Do not buy this product the company will not take care of you.

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Hi , sorry about the issues you've had.


The 301 error code is software related. Here's the suggested fix from SteamVR:

(301) Connect Failed

We were unable to start or connect to vrserver.exe. A possible cause is that the process is already running. Try quitting SteamVR, then starting the Task Manager. Look for vrserver.exe. If it’s still running, quit the process. Run SteamVR again.


Error 307 is component related.


HTC does have a returns process, and we have a dedicated Customer Care live chat. If you're in the US, the link to Customer Care is in my sig. If you get in contact with them, they should be able to give you more troubleshooting steps, and if necessary discuss return options.


Let me know via PM if you need further assistance with Customer Care.

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