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Option to add external sensor for tracking


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I have recently upgraded my PC to AMD 3600 , 32GB ram and GTX2080 Super. It runs all VR games in High Quality fine. I have noticed great increase in resolution for Half Half Alyx or other high end graphic games. However, like most other users in the forum, I experience occasional mis-tracking issues. I noticed it at start with Beat Saber but it became an issue trying to aim in Half Life with my hand steady (or at least I think it is steady enough), the AIM may float.  

Software wise - is there anything I can do to improve the algorithm in tracking calculation with the cameras?


Hardware wise - am I able to purchase 2 tracking stations (whether HTC made or external parties to be used in conjunction with Steam VR) to allow better tracking accuracy and also full body movement tracking? (This is to allow me to put avatar in beat saber in 3rd person view or videos rather showing only 2 hands)


I am not sure how supportive it is to upgrade Cosmos into Cosmos Elite which comes with tracking stations by paying roughly AUD $400.00. At the end of the day, all I want is a good VR gaming experience hopefully with little motion sickness.


Much appreciate all feedback and suggestions. 



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@Zimona  I don't think your idea of trading up to a Cosmos Elite for aud$400 is going to happen.  In order to change your OG Cosmos to external tracking would require;

Cosmos Elite faceplate = aud$400

2x 1.0 base stations = aud$400

2x 1.0 controllers = aud$400

1x Pro Link Box = aud$87 if you want to be able to use Bluetooth to switch off your base stations.

So, at least aud$1200 total.  For another aud$500 you could just buy the Elite combo = aud$1700.  Then you could run a dual VR headset setup which you may find handy and it should be pretty easy to switch between the 2 headsets/controllers.  Or you could try to sell your OG Cosmos.

Probably best to just hope that Vive improves the OG Cosmos tracking.

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Thank you all for your response. I may hope for Vive to update firmware or tracking programming or may look to sell my current Cosmos and buy a Cosmos Elite. 

I probably shouldn't save the AUD $500 by choosing Cosmos over Cosmos Elite in the first place. However, I caught a good discount one an website back in April.....


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