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VR Desktop 360 degree video screen to large!


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Does anyone know where to go in another settings menu to make the 360 degree vids a smaller screen size?


So I’m looking for a way to edit the screen size in an option through the start button to get more in depth editing of the actual video file to edit or another page of the VR desktop app besides the main setting screen tab to edit. (again not the main menu screen of the VR desktop app where you have the screen curve and distance to adjust in the settings toolbar) but when I open the actual video and the desktop apps fades away to allow the video to play, the video is to large. The video is designed for a 360°experience that I have downloaded to my computer.
An example of what I’m seeing: when the actual video starts to run the person’s, head is almost the size of the entire screen in front of me where I have to look completely to my right just to see their shoulder! I have it set in a SBS display so its correct for the way I want to view it. the 180° screen looks great as is but I want to use the Vive for what it can do. I understand that it must be a larger pic to fit all the way around you but this is to big lol.


if you can’t tell already I’m a noob in the PC world coming out of the baby steps of Xbox one capabilities lol


Thank you

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I had a bunch of videos with that effect early on. I called it AMAZON LADY syndrome at the time because everyone was so huge! I think it is because it is a low rez video for a phone stretched out. I eventually found out that if you do the higher res videos, usually the ones made specifically for the Rift, they look fine right at the start.


That said.. I am a little foggy on this since it was awhile ago, but I think you could tweak it to get it sized better with Virtual Desktop. http://store.steampowered.com/app/382110/  If you go into that apps forum and post your question.. I think they'll be able to give you the right answer. If I remember correctly, I think you had to change the barrel size. 

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