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Vive tracker doesn't work


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I thought that dongle in vive tracker box is some kind of base. I do have a connection between my new vive tracker and PC, but it says in the SteamVR that it doesn't move. Do I need to buy Base for it, or I'm missing something?

Thank you

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@endrju555 ?

A couple of things could be happening here:

  • You aren't using basestations. Vive trackers are SteamVR tracked devices which require basestations to provide tracking data.
  • You're using a first generation Vive tracker (grey Vive logo) with a newer 2.0 basestation (curved front).
  • You're not using the USB dongle or the USB dongle is plugged into a USB port that has bandwidth issues (unlikely).
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Thank you. First anserw was right:) I didn't know that i need base. Now i have one so my setup is: One tracker with blue logo (2018) and on Base 2.0. But i still have a problem, because i don't have google (I don't need it in my work), and I'd like to use this one tracker. I connected everything, I have my tracker connected in app, and Lighthouse with green light, BUT it doesn't work. I had for few minutes my Base visible in application but pulsing and my tracker the same. It say, that it is connected, but not follow movement. I did youtube tutorial to disable using headset but still it doesn't work. Now my base have green light but i don't see it in application..

Please help

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