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Viveport Membership continuation

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I received 2 complimentary Viveport subscriptions when I bought the VivePro starter kit as well as the Wireless adapter kit. I used one for 2 months (that came with the Wireless adapter) but was charged the standard subscription rate when 2 months passed (I wasn't alerted that the subscription was ending as it just automatically renewed since I have already given my visa card details). I then cancelled the subscription (auto renewal) so that when it ends I can use the free subscription (I don't know how many months) that came with my VivePro starter kit. My question is, can I use the coupon code before the paid subscription ends or do I have to wait until it expires? Can I even use 2 free subscriptions from buying 2 Vive products (if there is a limitation)? I have no issue continuing as a paying subscriber when the free codes expire but I just needed clarification on how I can use the free codes.    

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From my personal experience I think there shouldn't be a problem with using multiple codes. I redeemed two 6 months codes and then bought the black friday annual subscription while the first code was still running. My infinity history shows how long each subscription lasts and after I cancelled the automatic subscription everything is still valid.

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