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Does anyone have a 290X? Cosmos Elite

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I was just wondering if anyone can confirm how games run (fps and smoothness wise) with this card. And how's movie watching, 290X is practically the minimum for this headset, has anyone experienced any issues whatsoever on this card,  I run games perfectly fine at 2560x1440 on my 32inch monitor, though I also play some games in crossfire as i've got 2, 

I have an 8GB Sapphire Vapor-X,  not a regular 290X that was 4GB, the 8GB were a limited edition set. I can run most games at 60FPS+ at high-ultra, even modern games, some games medium, never needed to play any games in lowest settings.

Anyone that derails or says anything not related to the exact above will be derailing, and posting offtopic stuff, i've made this clear STAY ON TOPIC... NO THIS OR THAT, BUY THIS, BUY THAT... 


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