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HTC Vive Position and Orientation


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I am getting position and rotation data of HTC vive tracker from triad_openvr https://github.com/TriadSemi/triad_openvr  I am confused about which axis the rotation (yaw, pitch and roll) or what type of rotation sequence  to get rotation matrix?

I want to perform transformation so that the 3-D change in  position is converted to single axis only.


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@SK137 - That is not our tool, we're not involved with the creation of it. You'd have to pose questions to that tool's creator or their issue page (which doesn't seem very active unfortunately).


We'd generally recommend integrating OpenVR/SteamVR into an engine like Unity/Unreal and then basing everything off that worldspace. OpenVR's native coordinate system is very confusing and the Euler angles can be very confusing.

This may be relevant:https://github.com/TriadSemi/triad_openvr/issues/13

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