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one of my controllers is dead


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I've just set up my vive again after a year or so in storage and one of the controllers just doesn't wanna turn on anymore 

I tought maybe the battery is just dead, but charging for +/- 5 hours didn't change any of that.

there is no LED, no sound, no nothing.

steamVR doesn't reconize it so I can't play with the setting and/or try to update.

I looked at a few solutions others mentioned in different post like trying to reset the controler but like I said, it's not responding to anything T_T 

I kinda allready gave up? but a new controller would set me back about 120$ so I though why not see if anyone has any other solutions before I empty my bank account 



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  1. Is it under warranty?
  2. How long have you had the controller?
  3. Where did you buy your headset?
  4. Have you tried the support section?
  5. https://www.vive.com/uk/support/ ----- Please change region accordingly.
  6. Have you contacting HTC vive a support ticket?
  7. https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ ---------- Please change region accordingly
  8. You can change region at the bottom right of the webpage!
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