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Tracking issue

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I'm a recently new owner and use my Cosmos almost exclusively for iRacing, prior to that a 7 year Oculus user.  For the first few weeks the tracking was great, however since Sunday when it was fine ever since within a few minutes of starting a session the tracking goes mad, slowly moving up and down (mainly) plus a bit of left and right and backwards and forwards. First time it did it I exited and restarted steam VR and it was OK, but that doesn't fix it since and it is almost unusable.

In addition, also starting Sunday, with no other changes, an error, not all the time, on Vive console start saying the headset needs to be plugged in to a USB 3 port not a USB 2, although it already is, normally unplugging and replugging the USB will fix this, or even just power cycling the connector box.

Am I better off deleting the environment information and redoing room setup or is there a best version of drivers I should use and how?  Or is the beta better?



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A recent update completely fucked my headset and now it refuses to track anything. I can't even get into my environment or room tracking set up. Honestly, I wish I did more research about this headset before buying it. It's been nothing short of a nightmare. Sadly probably too late for me to return it now.

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I have had a Vive for a while. I recently got  a Cosmos Elite and the tracking is horrible. The Elite uses the add-on tracking plate. I keep comparing the Cosmos to my original Vive and it is definitely a Cosmos issue because the original Vive tracks perfectly. When I move my head around with the Cosmos the display keeps shaking until the view resets but soon it starts shaking and moving the VR world again. Plus I often find when the VR starts up I am way above the floor. I signed up for the beta releases of the Vive console but that doesn't help. I have decided to return the Cosmos while I am still in the return period. Very disappointing since I do like the better resolution of the Cosmos.

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