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HMD only displaying Green


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I was having problems with my Vive after a SteamVR update.

Naturally, I thought the problem was with the update and not the Vive. After contacting Valve support. Based on the support files that was generated, I was told it's a hardware problem. I tried everything in the Vive and Steam Forums. Nothing worked.

So, I send the goggles to the Vive Repair. I was sent everything that I need to send the hmd in for repair. Printer Label for the box. Everything worked fine.

The hmd was received two days ago. All the cables were plug in  and I start steamvr. Since it has been a long time since the hmd was connected to my computer, I had to go through the room setup again. This worked fine, but I made a mistake by saying the hdm was at a 0 meter height while standing and hold the hdm. Naturally, I redid the setup and set the height to that of the chair when I had placed the hmd. Everything went well. After about 2 minutes the hmd went black. I restart my pc, then steamvr and all of a sudden the hmd is only showing green in the display.

Now, I am not a happy camper, because the hmd just came from repairs and costed me 2 Bills (approximately €175). So, I started the troubleshooting tests again. After an hour trying to figure out where the disable driver option was, I got everything back installed. Still green display in hmd.

This time, I connected the hdm to a laptop that also meets the VR requirements. Room setup went with a problem and everything works. Now I realized that I may have a problem with my Desktop. Nope, graphic card is working properly. If it wasn't, I should have seen the problem on the monitor connected to the HDMI port. The monitor was working fine. So, I did the remove drivers in SteamVR. restarted the desktop. Then Plugged the hmd cables into the desktop. Problem still exists; however, I did notice that the system didn't say that the drivers were being loaded. Into Device Manage, I go and the Vive is seen. But the display is green 🤢 (see attachment)

My conclusions:

1. Graphic card is working properly, otherwise I would have noticed problems when I connected the monitor.

2. Drivers weren't reloading. Then I would have to say that the drivers were never deleted (even though the SteamVR driver removal said it did):



AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Processor, 3400Mhz 
128 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

If anyone has an idea, I'm all ears.




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Hello Everyone,


After several hours of removing the driver and restarting my PC, I finally got my HMD to act normal

This leads me to believe that the USB Drivers for SteamVR was broken, because now instead of version 1.12 I have ver 1.13 for SteamVR. This is interesting, because when I first reported the problem to Steam, I was informed it was a hardware problem. So, the HMD was sent to HTC Vive Repair Center for troubleshooting.Of course they noticed what would be determined as moisture damage and replaced the internal HMD motherboard. Before sending the HMD in for repairs, I went through several days of removing the USB drivers which didn't help. Then in the last few days, a new release of SteamVR comes out and the HMD starts working again.

Why do I think the problem was with SteamVR? Well, the HMD was working several days prior and when I connected an update was made by steamVF from 1.11 to 1.12. I could see in SteamVR that the HMD was recognized. I start the room setup and the HMD is not detected. Mind you I never received a message or error that said the HMD could not be seen. I run the diagnostic tests and send it to Steam. Answer, you have a hardware problem. The folks at HTC VIVE was very willing to help and sent me the necessary information and paperwork to send my HMD into for repair. Which I didn't think a repair was necessary; however, I appreciate that fact that the board was replaced. What was disappointing was connecting the HMD to the pc and discovering a different problem. And as stated above, yesterday I was doing several uninstall of the USB drivers and when StaemVR updated to v1.13 the USB port starts working with my HMD. Coincident? We will never know.

I still believe the HTC Vive should create its own software for troubleshooting the headset. I can't see every time a new update from SteamVR is loaded that the user has to send the HMD for repairs or a checkup.

Anyway, my Vive is finally working again. Apologies for the long dialog.




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