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Possibility to obtain FPGA source code/protocol

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I’m representing VR Electronics Ltd, a producer of Teslasuit, a smart full-body suit created as an interface between a user and digital environment. Our suit is able to create user’s avatar in VR using Mocap and simulate interaction with digital objects via haptic system, stimulating skin and muscle nerves with electric impulses (please visit https://teslasuit.io/ for more information).

We are now working on the creation of new generation of Teslasuit which among other will allow for enhanced positional and movement tracking due to the use of hybrid tracking system (IMU+optical tracking). In this connection we kindly ask you to inform us whether it is possible to get access to the source code for FPGA (LATTICE ICE40HX8K) processing data from optical sensors or the description of communication protocol between FPGA and external controller. This will allow us to ensure fast and smooth compatibility of optical sensors used in our product with base stations 2.0.

We would highly appreciate your prompt reply and any other assistance from your side.

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