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Over 10by10mt


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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project based on bumper cars. We have been asked to make an AR game for bumper cars. The area is big, it is 10x20 mt and there will be up to 10/15 players at the same time. We are trying to understand if increasing the number of lighthouses we can brake the 10x10mt limit and do what we need.

Does anyone know if this technology is able to work on an area that big?

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@Mauroraul160, SteamVR 2.0 basestation tracking is currently limited to supporting a 10x10 meter playspace per a single instance of the SteamVR runtime (i.e. 10x10m per headset and can only support data from 4 basestations per instance. Since a basestation can provide tracking data to numerous devices - each HMD basically acts as it's own frame of reference based on the roomsetup data you can upto 16 basestations in a room, but it's only going to pull primary tracking data from the 4 stations that are within range when you run roomsetup. There's currently no way to expand beyond this 10x10m per device limit.

For larger systems like you described - you'd need to use expensive IR camera tracking which is generally over $100K+ in base cost at the scale you described just on the hardware front before you tackle integration.

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