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Blinking Red light on Base Station 2.0


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Hi all,


I've had a Vive Pro close to a month now and upon trying to have some fun today I noticed my tracking was horrible. At this point I became aware that one base station is flashing red. I tried turning it off and on, scanning for updates (no device detected) and so on. I've sent off a request to Vive through support but has anyone managed to solve this?

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I've received this email (see below)



Thank you for contacting with HTC, your request is our most concerned.

With regards to your inquiry about Base station flashing red light, please Connect to the computer via the Micro-USB cable to confirm whether it can be detected. (If it can be detected, please first check if there is a firmware update available, and then confirm after updating the firmware)

If it doesn't works, after checked the Base Station, SN: FB93101ADC, version was belongs to Taiwan,
kindly understand, for different shipping country has different warranty policy,
since there's no global warranty service for HTC VIVE at present,
if you don't have any plan to visit Taiwan recently,
send it back to Taiwan for repair service via international delivery is the only method.

if you decide to deliver the device back to Taiwan for repair service, there're some conditions and possible risks that you might need to know first:

 (1) Destination Duties and Taxes belongs to Shipper. (please refer to attachment)
 (2) Considering about the risks of international express, in case of any damages during deliver period, the value of the package would list with original device selling price.
 (3) The device might has extra tax payment notification when arrived, based on the different Airport Customs Policy. ( Clearance document could be asked for prepare. )
 (4) When arrange package delivered by international couriers, please reference with FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT.
 (5) Any reasons caused the device be returned to Taiwan, all the return express charges and Customs Clearance fees will needs to paid by customer.
 (6) To avoiding the package be returned due to without Customs Taxes payment, please confirm or apply member service with local courier to assist you handle the extra charges directly.
 (7) Device software will be update to the latest version.
 (8) Any parts of device be replacement will not be returned.
 (9) Extra charges could be possible including out of warranty, installed un-original program or man-made damage found.
 (10) The international express fee, including Payment Duties and Taxes for the component sending between America and Taiwan paid by customer.
 (11) Payment should be made before shipment (back) via telegraphic transfer to Customer Care Center's bank account.

Please take this information for your reference.
Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us,
we will very glad to hear from you again.

Sincerely Yours,




Gotta say I am very peeved that there is no direct one in Australia that I can get help from and further to that I have to pay for postal fees for something that I didn't even break. This is crazy.

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