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Vive tracking issues with 3.0 usb but not 2.0

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On 8/6/2020 at 11:09 PM, VibrantNebula said:

@SanityGaming It might be related to your motherboard's USB controller. Headsets work best with standard xHCI controlled ports - ports powered by a proprietary controller like ASUSmedia are hit and miss.

standard xHCI controlled ports ?? WHAT? can you say that in non science tech terms please.

I plug the headset into a 3.0 on my motherboard at the back it goes all screwie, but when I use the USB 2.0 headers on my PC CASE (Cosmos 2) the WANDS  (NOT TRACKERS) well tracking for them whatever is fine and stuff

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@SanityGaming - USB ports can be controlled by industry standard ports that are powered via the CPU or they can be powered by proprietary  USB controllers (i.e. Asusmedia). The proprietary ones are less reliable because they're proprietary and they usually have middle layers of tech which try to alter the performance which doesn't work with high-demand applications like VR. We've historically seen the most number of issues with ASUS and MSI boards but it's a fairly common problem.

Some motherboards can have a mix of xHCI controlled and proprietary controlled ports - the only way to know what's what is to generally look up your USB port mapping in your motherboard's documentation or sometimes even to contact the manufacturer.

Using USB 2.0 is generally okay unless you start to hit bandwidth issues. There may be a slight decrease in bandwidth for audio - it really depends on your specific case.

If the port is incompatible - it's incompatible. In those types of cases, the general recommendation is to purchase an Inakteck USB 3.0 PCE-e card. Those are super reliable with SteamVR tracked devices and are recommended by the team at Valve who designed SteamVR tracking.

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