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Vive cosmos elite unnecessary camera..


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There is something that I do not understand and I do not know what you expect HTC to deploy the possibility of seeing its environment from the headset I have a lively elite with 4 useless camera which is just used to increase the weight of the headset they are unusable what are they for?

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On 8/22/2020 at 12:25 PM, Beta_Tester said:

Eventually the front 2 cameras will be used for the pass-through display. HTC are still working on this. The other 2 cameras are redundant with the Elite faceplate on. They are used when the original Cosmos faceplate is attached.

Do you have a source where they 100% confirm it actually will be an added feature down the line? So far the best I've seen is indirect answers from HTC simply saying "It's not supported at the moment". Not exactly a 'Yes' as far as I'm concerned.

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