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Collaborate as a Team on Viveport Developer Console via Role-based Permissions


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Collaborate as a Team on Viveport Developer Console

You can now invite and manage users to collaborate and publish engaging titles. 

The Viveport Developer Console serves as the entry point for developers to showcase their VR experiences. As the Viveport platform grows, we continue to provide developers with enhanced tools and features to make creating and managing titles easier.

This week, we're introducing role-based permissions: a new feature for developers to create an Organization, dd new users, and manage permissions within the Viveport Developer Console.


This new user management feature makes collaborating seamless with your team members. You can invite additional users and manage their permissions to access, edit, and publish titles within your Organization.

Within each Organization, there are six pre-defined roles available for assignment:

1.       Account Owner

2.       Admin

3.       Release Manager

4.       Finance Manager

5.       Marketing Manager

6.       Customer Service Rep.

Each role provides access to a predefined set of features across titles, reports, and settings within the organization.  

Getting Started:

To access this feature, first create an Organization profile section while logged into your developer console.

Alternatively, you can join a preexisting Organization through an email invitation sent by an Account Owner or Admin.

Add and Manage Users:

As an Account Owner or Admin within an Organization, you can grant access to as many people as needed. Simply invite the user you would like to add on the User Profiles and Permissions page.

Once a user is added, you can specify the type of access and information each user is able to interact with, if any. You, along with other Admins, can reassign user roles and even remove users from your Organization.

For more details, please visit our How-To Guide and FAQs.

Grow your titles with your Team on Viveport Developer Console!

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