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GetActionOrigins BufferTooSmall error


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Hello! 🙂
I am trying to implement the vive handtracking on HTC Vive Pro Eye with Unity. I set it up and configured the camera, and it works perfectly with the sample scenes. 
But now when i am copied the scene components into my own scene, it doesn't run anymore and gives me the following error for every action in the SteamVR Input: GetActionOrigins failed! action=/actions/htc_viu/in/viu_touch_00 error=BufferTooSmall

Is there an easy fix? or why did it suddenly stop working outside of the sample scenes. @zzy

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Hi @Verlinch

Are you using Vive Input Utility in your project? I'm not quite familiar with VIU, I'll see if I can ask some colleague to look into this as well.

Meanwhile, I think we can check with the following:

  1. I assume your scene can work without hand tracking, i.e. by disabling GestureProvider script.
  2. Can you please try with sample scenes in VIU if this problem still exists? So I can try to reproduce this on my side.

Please also share the version of VIU and SteamVR on your PC.

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