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Do I need to replace my power adapter?


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I've had the original Vive for about 2 years now. 

When I connected it up today to play, the head set was unable to be detected.

After connecting to my pc and power, the red light doesn't come on. 

I checked all connections, reset the pc, and even took the front cover off to check those connections.

But nothing I do seems to fix it.

Do I need to replace my power adapter? Where can I find one?

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Hi there! It sounds like you're having some trouble with your original HTC Vive headset. If the headset is not being detected and the red light is not coming on, it could be due to a power issue. It's possible that you may need to replace your power adapter.For a Replacement Shortpump you can check with HTC's official website or authorized dealers to purchase a replacement power adapter. You could also try checking online retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy for replacement adapters that are compatible with the HTC Vive headset.If replacing the power adapter does not resolve the issue, there may be a hardware failure within the headset itself, and you may need to get it repaired or replaced. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck in resolving the issue with your headset.

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