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Can't install Wireless App


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I just changed my hardware from AMD to Intel (CPU + motherboard), updated all my drivers and my Windows edition, and I can't play wireless anymore. First my wireless Vive could'nt be detected, so I decided to test it wired, everything is OK. Then I decided to uninstall/reinstall everything: Vive drivers, Viveport, Vive wireless app, SteamVR.

The problem is I can't install the Vive Wireless app anymore: I get an error message: "Fail to shut down SteamVR. Please shutdown SteamVR and try again.". But Steam VR isn't running and rebooting doesn't help. Any idea?

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OK, found the solution: I deleted the Vive Wireless folders in C/Programs  and C/ProgramData.

But I still can't play wireless: "headset not detected". 

I checked all the connections.

My wireless module has a green flashing light

Rebooting doesn't help


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@groslala - A clean install is probably in the cards. Previously, you'd have to clean install WIndows with most processor/MB hotswaps otherwise Windows wouldn't even boot. Win 10 is alot more forgiving but you did a complete architecture swap (Intel -> AMD) and you're doing high-performance computing (VR gaming).

Does the PCI-e card's blue power light come one indicating the wireless card has power?

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