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ResetZeroPose makes me 1 inch high


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Hi all,
So I have had an interesting day with SteamVR. I am trying to get it to reset my view from in game. I start a scene on my PC. I grab my headset, I move to the middle of the play area and I am off centre by then so I need to reposition myself easily.

I see that unity used to call
but now it calls
So it sets me to the original starting position in my scene and sets the game rotation to face the front but it puts my eyes down at y=0 so I am looking across the floor.
If I restart the Unity Scene then again it keeps the SteamVR camera thinking that 6 foot high is now on the floor still. If I exit SteamVR fully and start it again (from the VR button in the Steam app) then it positions me properly again at sitting height.

Has anyone else had this and how do you recentre yourself inside a SteamVR setup?



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