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360 images looks to big


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Does anyone know why this Thinglink 360 image created VR tour appears strange in VR. Link below. Viewing the tour on desktop or mobile is fine, even on mobile VR or using the phone VR in a google cardboard it looks correct. But on my Vive the dimensions of the images look off. The same issue appears when I try to view the images in the steam media player or the VR Photo Viewer. The renders are created in Keyshot which also have a built-in live VR function. The problem is the same there. Things looks to big, to far away, to close when viewed in the Vive….


VR Cabin tour:


Please help 😊


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@LeoB Do you have access to the source files?If I had to guess, this is an angular resolution issue. I tried this on a few different headsets such as in a cardboard and still saw distortion. It was hard to directly compare them since the various headsets have different FOVs but some scenes (such as the hallways where you're next to the posters) had issues across all headsets.

360 equirectangular projections have scaling issues when objects appear more within 1-2 meters of the aperture because of the aperture size and how close up objects occupy a huge portion of the image's angular resolution.

It could also be a result of how they've implemented WebXR (WebXR has an FOV adjustment param) but I think it's probably an image source/composition issue more than anything because I didn't see any barrel distortion.

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