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Customer service or Lack of ?


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Just purchased a Vive for my son a week ago, after taking delivery it has dead pixels 

The back story is my son Ill and cannot leave the house and its long term so this is a lifeline for him

but after speaking to customer service a replacement is not an option only a repair or refund ?

Is that the best service they can give either way he will be without the headset for a while which is what i wanted to avoid

so is there someone who i can escalate this to,  to hopefully help ? @jagibson

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@machmandp I tagged a manager who can help given the situation but this would fall heavily outside of our standard operating protocol. We do offer a "swap" type of system for enterprise customers but they pay several hundred dollars in additional cost for an enhanced warranty which covers the cost we incur for operating syste

No other HMD manufacturer would "swap" your headset without physically examining/RMA'ing the current device unless you're an enterprise customer or developer/partner. HMDs are very expensive to manufacturer and VR device take a beating which makes warranty/RMA more complex than many other electronic devices because in many cases RMA's can fall outside of the terms of a warranty for one reason or another. In terms of deal pixels - dead pixels are just a part of HMDs. An HMD has millions of pixel elements and when we source the displays from their manufacture - there is a certain number of pixels defects that their QA allows. We also preform a secondary QA but ultimately pixels can die/get stuck after the leave the factory. With millions upon million of pixel elements in each product - pixel element failures are inevitable and different policies about what is and isn't covered under warranty (based of number of pixels, location of the pixels, ect...) and physical inspection is part of that assessment chain. 

You can sometimes revive a dead pixel by playing video or other content on the headset for a few hours. It really depends on what the source of the pixel element failure is.

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