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GDPR/HIPAA & Contact for purchase/partnership


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Hi everyone!

I'm a psychology researcher and game dev at a University Laboratory, our goal is to use technology as a tool in psychology (including eye tracking and VR with handtracking). We've focused heavily in Oculus devices for VR (given their affordability), but data privacy has become an urgent issue (my research project regards sensitive health information).

I would to ask if the Vive Focus Plus and the Vive Pro Eye devices abide to EU GDPR and, more specifically, if they are HIPAA-compliant. The information available in the SDK developer privacy guideline isn't specifically about the devices, and I would need a credible source to advise direct univ. purchases and also advising purchases from our field partners/practitioners at a national level.

Also, is there a more direct contact than filling the Entreprise Contact Form or this email address: [EMEA_Vive_Enterprise[at]htc[dot]com]? Our department directors have been trying to contact since the beginning of the month with no reply so far. I'm afraid the prolonged delay + purchase confirmation + delivery will jeopardise several research projects.


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