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Tracking issues with headset. HTC Vive 1st gen.


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Good day, 
First I'm sorry if this question has been asked here before but I was unable to find a post about it or any solution to this issue. 
I purchased the HTC Vive 1st gen a few years ago, it's seen rather little use over the years but I've enjoyed it a lot nevertheless. 
The problem I'm facing is this: 
Headset tracking issues, the headset tends to drift and bounce back ever so often and it makes playing games impossible, this was never an issue before and my setup has been the same over the years. 
Base stations are securely mounted on the walls, headset is visible in the middle of the play area as well as controllers. 
I've gone over the cables, tried a jack cable between the base stations,  covered reflective surfaces, covered windows and so many more suggestions that I've seen posted over the internet with no avail. 
The only thing I haven't tried is to just buy a new headset but this was a very expensive  purchase originally and it's very sad I cant get it to work properly. 

The headset has never been dropped or had any abuse thrown at it, I've always stored it properly when not in use. 

I hope someone has a solution to this problem for me since I'd really like to avoid throwing this in the bin. 😞 


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