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Controller's model for Focus Plus


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Hi, do VIU have controller's model for Vive Focus Plus? There is only Vive Focus Finch model in the list of Override Model in RenderModelHook.

And can I find somewhere any VIU dev guid? I managed to find only this https://docplayer.net/97430748-Vive-input-utility-developer-guide.html It is goof enough, at least I understand difference between 

IColliderEventPressDownHandler and IColliderEventPressEnterHandler that was practically impossible without docs and comments in scripts but it is 2017 and I'm afraid is slightly outdated.

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@AlGolden Please manually add below code to RenderModelHook.cs,

Line 157,

public enum OverrideModelEnum



    ViveFocusChirp = VRModuleDeviceModel.ViveFocusChirp,


We miss to add it to the list, sorry for the inconvenience.

You can look up the Wiki in the VIU GitHub, or feel free to ask if you need help.

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