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SRanipal UE4.24 FrameWork Missing and Package Error

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Hello everyone,

I´m using the Vive Pro Eye for academic research.

My goal is to implement the eye tracker for my UE4 (Blueprint based) Project.

Downloaded and installed SDK v1.3.0.9 and started up  the Demo Scene (EyeSample). So far everything seems to work fine.

When Im trying to package that sample scene as stated in the instructions, the packaging results in an Unknown Cooking Error. (I am not using a lip tracker nor do i need to)

I tried to follow along the Instructions given in the SDK download. As seen in the attached jpeg. "SRanipal_Eye_Framework under: SRanipal C++ Classes/SRanipal/Public" is  missing.

On: Windows 10 , 64Bit


Any help or feedback would be apreciated.





SRanipal C++.jpg

package error.jpg



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Hi @d.b_mann,

you are right, the reason you are getting this error is because after SRanipal v1.3.0.9, Lip Tracking is enabled by default so if you don't want any lip tracking functionality you need to disable the "Enable Lip by Default" settings tick box in SRanipal Project Settings of your UE4 project (see image). If you untick the box you should be able to package without errors. We will update the documentation to highlight this change. Thanks for reporting this 😉



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Hi, Im actually having a similar issue (except it doesnt even tell me Sranipal plugin is the issue like with d.b_man) I just know when I remove the plugin I can package fine.

I tried what you've mentioned above which didnt seem to work, but noticed when I toggle either the Lip or Eye checkboxes on and off I get a similar errors.
Im also running in 4.24. I wasnt able to build before, so I just updated today to try it again.

Any other possible ideas?



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Hey @zgibsontheia,

have you tried initialising the SRanipal runtime first? If you have a Vive Pro Eye device and the SRanipal is properly initialised then ticking the first tick box should initialise eye tracking in Unreal properly.
For the Lip framework you need to have a Lip Tracker device otherwise it won't work so you need to disable it.

Please also try the latest version of sRanipal v1.3.1.0 that comes with some changes on that front: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-eye-tracking-sdk-sranipal/


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