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v1.0 ETA / existing commercial usage


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Returning on the topic, our customer and we are eager to try hand tracking in an upcoming solution, and integrated Vive is an obvious choice.

Reading previous post a new release is supposed to being available end of October, but there is any ETA for the v1.0?

There is already any experience of using this hand tracking in a commercial project? @zzy

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Hi @davide445

Sorry for the late reply, we just came back from a long holiday.

Due to internal schedule changing, v1.0 is postponed to release together with future hardware.

In the meantime, regarding the SDK improvement we made this year, I think you can start trying out the SDK and use it in your application. Please let me know if there is any feature you need is not within the SDK.

As for the commercial project, there are indeed projects on-going, but I cannot say much about that.

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@zzy we will decide today with the customer, but after (again) reviewing current hand tracking status I think the orientation will be to stick with HTC Vive headset and just use the controllers, waiting the whole technology to mature as a following option.

About future hardware, I hope v1.0 will back compatible? Our project is due to start this year and I didn't see any announcement for new upcoming headset from Vive. 

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