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Using HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with VIVE Pro Eye issue


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Hello to everyone,


I have purchased the Vive Pro Eye and one of the cables is a DisplayPort. 

My laptop have only one HDMI port and USB-C port but this port can only transfer data and power delivery that means I cannot use USB-C to Mini DisplayPort cable.

So I’ve tried to use the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter to connect my laptop with the VIVE (In connection check showed USB and DisplayPort detected) but I can't get the VIVE work (Status light: Red).

In the SteamVR, I get an error as the picture that I attached. I've tried many times to restarts, un-plug/plug of the cables but the issue persists. 

Checked my drivers and everything is up-to-date. My laptop is running Windows 10 and has Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU.


Is there any way to make my VIVE work? 

I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you 😃IMG_4976.HEIC

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I am having the same problem as well only I used the mini DisplayPort to HDMI and it didn't work. My laptop also has a USB-C and I don't know if it will work.
Is there a way around it or does it have to be the cable the headset came with?

If it's the case where there is no work around, looks like some of us will be waiting a while from things to fall into place.


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