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Using HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with VIVE Pro Eye issue


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Hello to everyone,


I have purchased the Vive Pro Eye and one of the cables is a DisplayPort. 

My laptop have only one HDMI port and USB-C port but this port can only transfer data and power delivery that means I cannot use USB-C to Mini DisplayPort cable.

So I’ve tried to use the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter to connect my laptop with the VIVE (In connection check showed USB and DisplayPort detected) but I can't get the VIVE work (Status light: Red).

In the SteamVR, I get an error as the picture that I attached. I've tried many times to restarts, un-plug/plug of the cables but the issue persists. 

Checked my drivers and everything is up-to-date. My laptop is running Windows 10 and has Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU.


Is there any way to make my VIVE work? 

I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you 😃IMG_4976.HEIC

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