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controller losing tracking (feedback and haptics)


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Greetings, I am owner of an OG vive, and recently I've been having some issues with one of my controllers, since I haven't received an answer trough ticket, I found myself to explain my issue here:
The controller turns on fine, but sometimes it loses tracking, and is always on blue light without able to pair it (now it just doesn't turn green the light, is always blue, impossible to get tracking). Now, here's the thing, I've realized that, If I press the touchpad pretty hard, the tracking comes back and the controller works once again, problem is that if I touch too much the touchpad, it loses tracking again. I've been doing this for quite a bit but is not an actual solution to the issue.
I've investigated a little bit , and I have read that there's a ribbon on the touchpad, and if it's loose, it will stop tracking the controller, can somebody confirm this? and, if I am not wrong about this ribbon, how can I fix this? I put a picture I found on a different website as an example to show what I am talking about.
Extra note: The controller doesn't emit sound when turning off/on, and also doesn't vibrate anymore, is not a big issue except in games that depends a a lot on vibration (like beatsaber)


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