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Vive Wireless Adapter with Vive Pro doesn't work


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I've got a vive wireless adapter and installed it to my vive pro. I have not the pro adapter kit yet and connected the adapter with the long standard cable, but I suppose this is no problem.

The wireless app says "ready" and finds my headset. I even hear the connecting sounds in the headset headphones.

But Steam VR says there is no headset connected and it does not start up the base stations.

The original link box is still connected with power and usb (not display port) but it has no effect.

If I open the bluetooth settings in the steam vr app, it says there is no bluetooth available.

Any idea what's wrong?

Thank you

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@BammBamm - To use Pro with the Wireless adapter, there is a specific "pro attach kit" that enables the Wireless Adapter to work with Pro. The attach kit was the best option to enable us to create a single base SKU that was forward compatible with Pro and later even Cosmos. The output of the wireless adapter is different than the output from the linkbox - for a variety of engineering reasons it's unfortunately not feasible to use a long tether to connect the wireless adapter to the HMD; it specifically requires the specialized short cable included with the Pro attach kit.



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