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Wireless USB power while sitting


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While I'm playing a seated game with my wireless kit for the Vive Pro, can I use a USB port instead of the batteries?

I mean connecting the headset to a PC or powered USB port, instead of the batteries, so I don't depend on batteries anymore, not for games that I can play while seated anyway.

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@Kzylorda - We don't advise it because it's riskier and you're more likely to damage the HMD via things like power surges. That said - it's technically possible to do this if you're connecting to a Quickcharge 3.0 (or newer) charging port and have an appropriately rated USB cable (most USB-3 cables typically work). I know alot of developers who do this exact setup.

It's very uncommon for a PC motherboard to have integrated QC3.0 ports. You'd almost certainly need to use an external QC3.0 power supply. It must be QC3.0 certified - you'll see this on the marketing


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