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Lip Tracking module for feature film


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Hello, my name is Lance Mungia I am a feature filmmaker with theatrically released films from Lions Gate, Palm Pictures, Media 1091 and Dimension Films.  I directed, wrote and produced Six String Samurai and The Crow IV.

I am in process of starting a motion capture VP studio to produce a sequel to Six String Samurai.  I have purchased a Vive Eye Pro system from you and am exceedingly interested in a lip tracking solution for my Vive pro eye headset.  Rumor has it developers can get the lip tracking solution you have created for experimentation purposes.  Actually rumor doesn’t have it, I saw it in use on Matt Workman’s vlog.  

I would love to get my hands on one and if it works well it will be all over my first virtually produced feature film and I’ll be happy to give HTC plenty of credit and lots of featuring in the making of videos I will soon be posting to YouTube.

any chance I can snag one?


Lance Mungia

Aka established filmmaker attempting to do some fun, cool stuff in the age of Covid

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