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Alienware M15 R2 & HTC COSMOS


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Hello there,


I hope everyone is doing well. I recently purchased a Alien-ware laptop (M15 R2) and a HTC VIVE Cosmos. Sadly, the Cosmos requires a display port which my Alien-ware does not have, however, my Alienware has a Thunder 3 port (which works when I extend my display via mini display port -> VGA -> Monitor).

I thought Thunder Bolt 3 cables also works as a Display Cable, is that true? As I bought a Thunder bolt 3 to Thunder bolt 3 cable at the iStore, but when I plugged it in, my Cosmos didn't turn green. I am really hoping this is because of the cable, and not because my Alienware Mini Display Port is connected to my integrated graphics.


Does anyone have any idea? I purchased a Mini Display port to Display port (female) adapter, but it's going to take two weeks to deliver. I was wondering if I should order a Mini display -> mini display cable. Will that solve the matter?

Let me know. 

Many thanks.

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One easy step is to check under NV Control panel -> Config Surround, PhyX section. NV gave out clear picture on the relationship between I/O and GPUs. 

From my experience, display through TB3 is almost always coming from integrated GPU, so that adapters won't work.

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