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Sudden high pitch mic issues on Vive Pro HMD


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" I have had the headset for about six months with no problems. However, recently the audio from the microphone sounds really high-pitched. Almost to the point of helium-induced levels. Anybody else experience this issue, or have any suggestions for how to fix it?"

My issues is exactly the same as this thread to the T. I've had the headset for about 6 months with no issues then now suddenly whenever I start up the headset I sound like I've been sucking on helium the entire night. I can temporarily fix it by changing my sound OUTPUT from the vive nvidia to vive speaker and somehow that is affecting my input to go back to normal (no idea how that works). Here is a screenshot of what I am describing https://i.imgur.com/s69X4hn.png I was unable to find any follow up fixes from the old reddit thread I was quoting link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/ah55xk/is_anybody_else_experiencing_issues_with_the_mic/

I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions. I tried disabling my nvidia sound driver then restarting my computer but that lead to very bad speaker distortion so I had to reenable it. Other than that I am pretty stumped 😞

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I have the same problem. Went as far as a fresh windows 10 install to fix it. Noticed my microphone on discord was fine. After reinstalling/updating a Bluetooth driver for my Vive Pro headset, every time I use my microphone, everyone says I sound like a little kid. Any fix for this yet? This is a deal breaker for me. Debating RMA at this point.

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@Chocobo & @Yorker2005 - These types of issues are often PC-Specific which makes it very hard to remotely diagnose/troubleshoot it even with an RMA because you'd need access to the PC itself to rule out the PC. An RMA would result in the headset being tested and possibly returned to you without the actual behavior being fixed because there's a good chance that the problem is PC-side and not an HMD hardware issue. The odds of a microphone failing but still having this specific output aren't crazy high because it'd probably fail completely and not just pitch shift. Rebooting the linkbox is helpful when trying to troubleshoot between different changes because it reboots the DSP chip on the device.

In most cases where this has been reported by the community, it usually relates to which audio driver is in use. There are generally two options for audio.

  • 2 - Vive Pro Multimedia Audio - recommended to disable this unless Nvidia option doesn't work
  • Vive Pro Nvidia High Definition Audio - recommended default default device

In essence, the first one is USB-only audio. Because it's USB, it has limitations for the bandwidth it has to the use motherboard's USB-controller and drivers and also has to compete for bandwidth against the tracking/sensor data that's being shuttled towards the PC. The Nvidia one has a more robust set of drivers and more bandwidth and will provide higher quality audio in almost every scenario because Nvidia cards use tightly controlled uniform specifications whereas there is a huge amount of variety with motherboard hardware.

Per microphone, you may often only see a USB-driver option. That said, you should try going into the advanced settings for the microphone and ensuring that your levels are high and that your "default format" is set to 16bit. There isn't a huge difference between 44k and 48k hertz but there is a huge difference in quality if you have it set to 8bit and it can cause the high pitch thing you're describing. I would also recommend turning off "listen to this device" on the "listen" tab and turning off power management. This being set to 8bit is the only somewhat reproducible way I've seen to induce a pitch shift.



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