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Grey screen, headset not tracking...


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I've been using my Vive (original) with no issues for a week or so. I even used it for a good few hours last night. Today, it started showing a grey screen, alternately turning black. The Steam VR console shows the headset outlined in blue, 'standing by'. If I shake it a bit, or press the side button, it'll briefly glow blue with a grey screen before turning black again. My base stations are almost always grey, although there was one brief moment where everything just seemed to start working again, it stopped just as quickly.

I've tried every piece of advice I can find, and I'm at my wit's end.

Things I've tried:

  • Removing SteamVR drivers through SteamVR settings

  • Removing SteamVR drivers through UsbDeview

  • Using a different USB port for the linkbox

  • Plugging the Vive headset directly into the PC

  • Reinstalling SteamVR

  • Updating firmware

  • Using SteamVR Beta

  • Checking cable seating inside top hatch

If anything, some of the things I've tried have made the situation worse, since now SteamVR complains that there's a bluetooth error every time I restart it (requiring the drivers to be reinstalled each time).

Aside from changing some settings on my GPU - which i've completely reverted - I've changed nothing at all since last night. I'm stumped, I'm annoyed, I've restarted my PC about fifty times and I'm wondering what the hell I've done wrong...

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I am having exactly the same issue and have gone through the same steps, including buying a new USB PCI card as some people seem to suggest it was that. No luck. I don't have another computer to connect to but everything points to a software issue as well as it was all working fine until around a week ago. Did you have any luck with your original machine?

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