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Eye Tracking SDK Features scale

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Hi  @Corvus,

I am trying to understand the meaning and proper range of some of the basic variables.

in the folder is called 'Document_Unity" You mentioned, there is some information but not the whole range I can get and not the meaning of any value.


For example: validata_bit_mask

EyeLine += eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_data_validata_bit_mask.ToString() + ",";
What is the possible range of this variable?

What does the value   = 31 mean?

I tried to check it out in an empty scene, with one eye open and one eye closed. When I exported data to CSV file I got the value = 24 in the close eye (orange arrow)
As you can see in the attached files and -1 in the diameter size variable. How does it make sense that I still get information about the location of x ,y  with one eye completely closed? (blue arrow) 

Waiting for an answer from you, hope it arrives soon because I can not progress in my work until I solve it.

thank you for your help.


eye errow.jpg

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