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Local Address for API or Tracker


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Recently I've been needing to find the local address (think IP or similar) for the eye tracker in the HMD to extract or write data gathered there direct to an application that relies on R for data processing.

Is there a host address for the eye tracker presently that I can call in the SRanipal SDK?

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Thanks for getting back!

I was interested in getting a more direct link to the eye tracker in the vive than is currently offered in the UE4 plugin.

The idea is to build non-engine specific data pipelines so I can extract dilation and gaze (using ROS in my case).

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@cte Is there a specific API or other tool which is requiring the access? Are the APIs just not doing what you need?

On a broader note, I'd defer to Hank for a more legit answer but I highly suspect that Tobii has constructed their eye tracking platform in a way that will require you to use their drivers and runtime in order to get I/O out of the device without going through one of their APIs. It's all pretty heavily proprietary to Tobii and our SRAnipal SDK is just a simplified version of their SDK and runtime that's been licensed alongside your HMD purchase. The feature set and APis covered in our API are the ones that have licensed to us from Tobii but they have even more APIs and features that they offer as their own product. Tobii has an expanded first-party SDK, Tobii XR SDK, which has alot more features and offers more direct level hardware access but this is something that you have to pay Tobii to licensee them with. I'm not sure what level of hardware access you're trying to obtain but there may be a feature set in their SDK which may fit your use-case.

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