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Can anyone educate me why there is 2 different controllers in the store and one is 129.99 and one is 199.99?  What am I missing here? They look the same and the description is the same.  I am assuming the higher priced one is an upgrade maybe because its less likely to break ? 

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Happy to help. The original controller uses an early ~2015 version of the SteamVR sensor and only works with the original base-stations. The newer, bluer Vive Controller 2018 is an updated revision that has updated tracking sensors which can work with both 1.0 basestations and the newer 2.0 basestatoins (e.g. Valve Index base stations). If you try to use the original controller with the new basestations, they won't track at all. The price difference comes from the fact that Valve has licensed us to manufacturer all of the 1.0 gear in our own factories but the licensing is different for 2.0 gear and they've retained many of the manufacturing rights requiring us to purchase parts for integration. There are some other slight revisions but what I've just said are the primary drivers.

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Hi @b_boss_mx 

FYI: Alternatively you could look at the Index controllers. They have the advantage of working with both base stations and are a more recent and contemporary design (I think the Vive controllers are 2015 version 1 and 2018 version 2 approx.) finger tracking, improved ergonomics (love the hand straps so you don't have to hold it) great battery life (recharge via usb c) and the price is similar (try Ebay there were some good deals going) and is compatible with most software.

I'm sure Vive will update their old controller design one day but as a alternative it's a good option.


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