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HTC Vive wrong base station position


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Hello everyone!

After 1.5 year of stable work one of my base station now has tracking issue: i see floating objects, sometimes gray screen, controller fly away; when i sit down, i fall under the floor. Second base station works fine.

I noticed one interesting thing: position of base station in steamVR does not match with real one. I made screenshot from steamVR and photo of real base station from the same height. Second base station has the same prosition in real and steamVR.

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/Ej723i0

I am trying to fix that issue for a few months. I tried many solutions, that i found on that forum, on reddit and SteamVR Troubleshooting support site.

I think the problem exactly in this base station. It's definitely not external effects like (reflection surfaces, a lot of bluetooth and wi-fi sources and etc), conflicts with hardware and software on my PC (Asus AI Suite, Razer synapse, TP-Link adapter and etc), because second base station works stable.

Has anyone had this problem?


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