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Cosmos, DP to USB-C, Gigabyte Aero S15 laptop: no video


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My Vive Cosmos Elite works flawlessly on my desktop.

On my laptop, however, I don't get any video through the headset. The motion tracking works just fine, and I'm up to date on all my drivers. All the ports I've used for VR go directly to the RTX 2080, I haven't used the others at all. I don't have a Mini DisplayPort, but I do have a USB-C port, USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port. I can't stand the UI on that site, and the specs weren't helpful for what ports are actually hooked up to the RTX 2080; I made this diagram to help you out.

In terms of trial and error, I've tried an Insignia USB-C to DisplayPort adapter, but this hasn't worked. Is there another DisplayPort to USB-C cable that works? Otherwise, what might you recommend? It's a shame, I have a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter on-hand, but I can't use it with this laptop.

Thank you

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On 11/13/2020 at 5:19 PM, Pachuco said:

En términos de prueba y error, se hizo testamento

Bueno aparentemente el espectador tiene usb tipo c lo mostró en la presentación que se podía conectar el teléfono celular y nada a la izquierda allí creo que sólo se puede conectar para el seguimiento de ojos. Sería bueno si pudieras conectarte a la gpu directa pero buen Htc!!

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@Pachuco -

So it appears that only one of the USC-C ports on that laptop supports Displayport. I wasn't able to find a diagram which shows which one of those ports is the one that supports Displayport - the manufacter may be able to tell you which of the two USB-C ports it is.


Next, the USB-C port actually needs to be wired up to talk to the Nvidia GPU. On many laptops, OEM cut costs by having the USB-C ports only talk to the integrated graphics and not the dGPU because wiring it to the Nvida card increases manufacturing costs and complexity. You can get a rough idea of your port mapping status by going into the Nvidia PhysX panel - you'd see a type C icon under your Nvidia GPU if the wiring is correct. Your OEM may need to confirm

VibrantNebula's Content - Page 6 - Community Forum

Lastly, I don't have any experience with that USB-C adapter. You basically want one that supports 4K@60hz and >15gbps bandwidth.

This is an adapter that's known to work well with most current VR devices.

If your USB-C port that support Displayport can't talk to your Nvidia card - your laptop is incompatible with all current gen Displayport driven headsets (Index, Rift S, Cosmos, Pro, etc...)

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