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VR for my 3D CAD application


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We develop a CAD for robots: https://www.cmarobot.it/it/software-off-line-painting-program

This software is developed in C# using a 3D CAD component provided by https://www.devdept.com/

We already integrate Viveport sdk to get in real time the positions of the trackers

It is not clear to us what we should do to send to the VR headset the content of our application.

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@DanielePillan -

  • The Viveport SDK only contains APIs which support the integration of Viveport store/platform features for titles which will publish to Viveport's content store (e.g. leaderboards, DRM, etc...).
    • You're not able to derive SteamVR/OpenVR pose estimates from this SDK so I'm confused about what you're reporting.
  • In order to derive the pose estimates and talk to SteamVR, you'll need to integrate OpenVR's native libraries into your binary. There are documents and samples on the SteamVR github. Valve is providing API access via C++ interlace classes.
    • Integrating these libraries allow for both pose estimation data, I/O from the controllers, as well as video IO to the headset via a handful of compositing frameworks (DirectX, Vulcan, OpenGL...)
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