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Help please! Headset display is upside down.


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I just received my Cosmos Elite today. Set it up and found the Vive app and Steam VR app is upside down. Tracking seems correct, it's just the display that's wrong.

Desktop mirror shows correct way up.

I've gone through numerous attempts at fixing, such as setting resets and reinstalls. I've tried updating my graphics drivers and headset drivers. Tried different display ports and different monitor set ups.

Using a Nvidia GTX 1070 4GB with latest drivers as of 25/11/2020.  Also using win7 and i'm aware they're ending support soon. But I saw issues from april with w10 users having the same issue.

Is there some kind of override setting I can use to force the display to flip? That seems like a simple solution if it's possible.

Issue trace number is 20201125062652

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