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base station 2.0 blinking red

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My base station has been blinking red for a day. I have unplugged, watched a video, and I opened it up. I contacted steam support about 1 week ago and still no response. I got my Vive pro only 3 days ago and I just want to play. I can't believe that I might have to send it back to Valve or HTC to get it fixed. I just got it for over $1000. That's a premium price for something. I am so disappointed. 

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@qw3tfrlk;jbnaSWEGLIUAwerhg, The unit was likely damaged during shipping. The base-stations are high speed mechanical devices and physical shocks can cause internal damage.

If you purchased the base-station through Vive, specifically through a Vive Pro kit - Vive provides your warranty. In order to request an RMA, you'd get the serial number off of the back of the affected unit and contact us via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us. If it's a new unit, it would definitely still be under warranty.

If this is a second-hand unit, the warranty may not be applicable.

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